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JDX LOGO A technology platform that powers data drivenstrategic planning, asset creation, delivery and real time performance measurement for all marketing communication needs.
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    JD Flow is a fully configurable, enterprise-grade Workflow Management System that helps you digitize, automate and optimize business processes.

    Standard Feature-set

    Task Management

    Create tasks, assign & track their progress and manage your business.

    Configurable Forms

    Complex data collection based on your business process.

    Configurable Workflows

    Easily customize application to handle complex processes,& workflows.


    Monitor team and prioritize tasks through JD Flow.


    Give users deeper insights into their work items, while supporting two reports.

    Role-based Access

    Provide users assigned roles with defined permissions.

    Messaging and Notifications

    Seamlessly communicate with all the stakeholders using messaging and notification feature

  • JD Vault is a scalable, enterprise-grade Digital Asset Management (DAM) system that helps to centrally store, organize, retrieve and share images, videos, rich media files, documents, and other digital media securely.

    Standard Feature-set

    Search and Filter

    Instantly find assets using JD vault's powerful search functionality which can help you narrow down your search for quick and accurate results.

    Metadata Management

    JD vault simplifies how you organize and store assets and control of metadata attributes.

    Asset Previews

    JD vault generates thumbnails automatically into the gallery-styled interface across all file formats .

    Multiple Asset File

    JD vault allows you to add unlimited number of files groups.

    Asset Sharing

    Seamlessly collaborate with team mates anywhere and securely share links.

    Bulk Actions

    JD vault offers a bulk edit function allowing you edit metadata properties of multiple assets simultaneously.

    Access controls/permissions

    Users are assigned roles that have defined permissions which can control how users interact with the assets in the system, keeping your assets secure.

  • JD Traffic is an automation platform that enables clients to push digital display, social, video and rich media ads directly to ad servers, exchanges, networks and DSPs with low to no human intervention.

    Standard Feature-set

    Order Management & Workflow

    JD Traffic provides a unified interface for campaign management across different ad through its built-in workflow automation engine.

    Campaign Tracking and Reporting

    JD Traffic Provides a unified dashboard for tracking digital marketing performance, analytics across display, social and video metrics in real-time.

    Rich Integrations

    JD Traffic can integrate with CRMs, Ad tracking & order management systems and push to ad severing platforms.

    Data science-based campaign optimization

    JD Traffic offers deep insights into campaign performance through machine learning models.

  • Functions

    Unified performance dashboard for campaigns across channels.

    Campaign-wise metrics and combined metrics.

    Real-time data from connections to ad servers across channels.


    Detailed Campaign analytics including rich media metrics from other platforms.

    Creative previews.

    Benchmarking capability based on common data sets.

    Easy ROI analysis