Technology is central to all our business
and powers everything we do
JDX LOGO A technology platform that powers data driven strategic planning, asset creation, delivery and real time performance measurement for all marketing communication needs.

Built 100% on-cloud with modular architecture and open APIs, our products complement our client’s technology, so they can maximize technology RoI. Our products are armed with the highest levels of encryption and data protection protocols.

With over 4,000 users globally, our platform enables management of over 3 million transactions with over 1,000,000 assets yearly so far and growing!

JD Flow
Manages content creation workflows across various studios, project estimates and allocates resources with intelligent routing
JD Flow
Cloud based asset management tool with features of creative sharing, creative metadata metrics, contextual search and all asset types
JD Flow
Automates ad trafficking, pacing & reporting across channels for email, display, social and video. Leverages data sciences based optimization
JD Flow
Performance analytics and reporting including end-of-campaign reports, reports by market, sales teams, and industry benchmarks across channels


As the name suggests, Adselfie allows digital and mobile ads to literally take a selfie of themselves wherever they get served. This automated feature give clients a new way for ad verification Learn more
This is our ad serving and reporting platform for rich interactive media served across social, mobile, tablet, desktop and OTT channels. It has a self-service capability to make quick changes so that ads update in real time Learn more