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  • Custom Rich Media creatives

    Neon supports a wide variety of custom creatives that provide rich user experiences and improve user engagement on your websites. Powered by Neon’s capabilities, Rich media formats such as videos & animations can be instantly built, tested and served.

    Rich Media Editing & Serving

    Neon provides a self-serve interface to update rich media creatives – change images and clickthrough URLs – and serve them using a custom ad tag in a secure manner.

    Custom Metric Reporting

    Neon provides the ability to measure custom metrics on Rich Media creatives such as Clicks on individual products within a carousel, Impressions on individual products within a carousel, Number of times a user clicked to view expanded portion of creative over and above the default interaction metrics and so on.

    Campaign Scheduling

    Neon offers the ability to schedule the Image and Clickthrough URL changes to reflect in LIVE campaigns based on date/time triggers. This will ensure that the right creative serves at the right time.

    Automated Compliance Check

    Neon has certain in-built compliance tools like File format validation, File size validation and so on to ensure that the creatives are built according to the guidelines specified by IAB.

  • As the name suggests! allows digital and mobile ads to literally take a selfie of themselves where ever they get served

    An automated screenshot product for display advertising

    Ad verification

    View creative screenshot summary by website, device and action