At 2adpro, we’re always on the lookout for those who are inquisitive, playful, and sharp
At 2adpro, we’re always on the lookout
for those who are inquisitive, playful, and sharp.
Innovation Integrity Customer First Learning Teamwork

At 2adpro, we believe that people are our biggest asset, and we work towards constantly nurturing a creatively-charged atmosphere at our workplace.

We pride ourselves in providing the best opportunities, environment, and facilities available anywhere. How? By promoting and encouraging our core values of learning, innovation, integrity, customer focus, and teamwork in everything we do.

The idea behind this is to build a highly motivated team of employees who are focused, driven, and are all achieving their full potential, because they understand that while corporate growth of the organization is important, it is equally important that they grow as individuals as well.

Which is why we constantly provide learning, development, and growth opportunities across the board, including avenues for professional growth, and events and activities that offer a healthy work-life balance.

(Yes, that’s right; we also like to have fun.)

At 2adpro, we’re a team that has passion, is driven to excel, and celebrate its victories.

  • Gopal Krishnan
    Founder & Executive Chairman

    Gopal is a media industry veteran, visionary and entrepreneur. He founded 2adpro in 2006 with a vision to build a world-leading omni-channel marketing services company powered by technology.

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  • Todd Brownrout
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    Todd has had a successful career in the media and advertising space during which he led large advertising organizations. He smiles a lot for a guy responsible for our bottom line.

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  • Kartic Srinivasan
    Chief Digital Officer & Region Head - EMEA

    Kartic is a seasoned executive with strong service delivery, engineering and customer support background. Nicknamed ‘Digital Voice’ for his ability to translate digital to plain English.

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  • Pam Taylor
    Vice President & Region Head North America

    Pam has over 20 years of experience working across sales, product development and business evolution.

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  • Troy Everett
    Director Australia & New Zealand

    Troy brings over 25 years of experience in managing creative production operations and sales for publishers.

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  • Justin Lopez
    Assistant Vice President - Delivery

    Justin has over 17 years’ experience in client services. His key focus is leading multiple delivery teams achieve world-class standards in terms of quality, on-time delivery and optimum cost-benefit using technology as a key driver.

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  • Nikhil Iyer
    Senior Vice President - Delivery

    With 17+ years experience, Nikhil plays a key leadership role in delivery of our solutions and managing our 1,000+ employees on the ground in India.

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  • Vikram Menon
    President of Global Operations

    Vikram has 25 years of experience across Marketing, Communication and Digital Advertising. 18 of those years were spent at Ogilvy across Advertising,

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  • Ajit George Abraham
    Chief People Officer

    Ajit is a Human Resources Professional with over 30 years of extensive HR strategic and operational experience. In this time, he has worked with well-established companies like the Murugappa Group,

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  • Jude Kishore
    Chief Financial Officer

    As chief financial officer of Ad2pro Media Group, Jude Kishore oversees the company’s global financial planning, accounting, reporting, analysis, product and services pricing, tax and treasury.

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  • Shiva Kris
    Chief Technology Officer

    Shiva has 20 years of experience, is passionate about technology, especially AI and big-data, has defined and built plenty of internet and client software.

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