March 2019 - 2adpro

Why Publishers need to rethink Facebook as a channel.

Facebook has once again disrupted the news industry with its latest ‘friends and family algorithm update.’ The company is deprioritising news and pushing publisher content further down the newsfeed and returning to its original position as a ‘social’ network.

What does this mean for Publishers?

It’s not all doom and gloom. This just means publishers will have to reevaluate the ways in which they engage with audiences instead of having to rely on social platforms. The biggest lesson publishers can learn from being dumped by Facebook is not to build their business on someone else’s real estate.

Time to get out of the ‘filter bubble’ and ‘think outside the box’

For far too long, Facebook has been the ideal panacea providing media houses a distorted view of reality. Publishers thought they had audiences, when what they really had was traffic. Reach and clicks were the focal points of social media strategies. In reality, focus needed to shift from drive-by traffic to growing the total number of actual subscribers. read more

The state of conversion rates in the world of B2B lead generation

Taking e-commerce as an example, average website conversion rates globally from inbound strategies were at 2.86%, while paid marketing and social media were at 2.98% and 1.95% respectively in Q2 2018. In the US and the UK (the highest) conversion rates from inbound strategies were at 2.63% and 4.31% respectively. However, an ifbyphone marketing research survey infers that digital strategies (email, SEO, PPC, and display ads) stand at the top (57%, 55%, 39% and 25% of respondents respectively) of what marketers around the world prefer as channels to source high-value leads. read more

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