Will the rise of HTML5 usher in an era of challenge?

With Flash ads in trouble, what’s the way forward for Publishers and Advertisers?


On September 1st 2015, Google Chrome started blocking rich media flash ads from playing automatically. With result, the ad will play only if the user clicks on it! Firefox too has blocked Flash ads citing security reasons and vulnerability to hacking! Safari’s next version will allow the user to download an extension that would block ads on most news sites!
With the majority of sites gearing up to bury Flash ads, advertisers who primarily work with rich media ads are on a crossroad!
Steve Jobs open letter notwithstanding, Flash hung on resilient for many years. One of the many reasons for this was the familiarity factor. Advertising agencies of the past decade grew up on flash and Advertising industry is peopled with experts who have specialized in them. It is vital to note that not all agencies have rushed to join the HTML5 bandwagon, despite its multiple advantages.
  1. The reason being that HTML5 is friendlier to programmers than the designers!
  2. HTML5 assets are heavier than their flash counterparts and that means higher ad serving costs for agencies and their clients
  3. Most agencies have invested a lot to streamline the workflow so as to easily get these ads converted or built to HTML5 and then trafficked to ad server

The way forward…

“It is critical for Publishers and Brands to have the right agency partner who can help them overcome this issue of migration without compromising quality or turnaround. There are number of innovative ways to handle this issue quite easily. The challenge is going to be critical when serving the ads. However, if the serving of these ads in HTML 5.0 is solved, that will automatically provide them with the solution that can be easily ported over to provide rich interactive experiences and ability to gather deeper level of data,” says Kartic Srinivasan, Executive Vice President of 2adpro. 
While the migration of Flash to HTML5 is challenging, most Publishers have accepted the fact that it needs to be done.
“2adpro’s solution to this challenge can be quickly implemented just as we did with one of the largest publishing customers from UK. We successfully made the switch from Flash to HTML5 for standard display ads literally overnight and started trafficking the ads to the Publisher’s web server without any glitch!” says Kartic Srinivasan