Will JDX suite revolutionize the Digital Ad Campaign Management Scenario?


Simple solutions for complex problems are the stuff that revolutionizes business, making it more cost-effective while reducing the turnaround time. Optimization and customization are two factors that weigh heavily while choosing a reliable platform with the capability to deliver end-to-end campaigns and data analytics for print and digital media.

That’s why 2adpro came up with the revolutionary suite of applications called JDX that has been designed to manage the ad campaign workflow efficiently in a systematic glitch-free manner.

What is JDX Suite?

JDX is a cloud-based project and workflow management application system that would allow the user to create, ideate, manage, proofread, store and distribute projects online for both digital and print media. An intuitive application, JDX suite is an end-to-end solution that considerably reduces the workflow process management from the client to the publisher.

JDX suite comprises of modules that are integral to the Campaign Management process 

 jdplan – Complete digital media planning and creative planning. Integrated with data sources for display and video audience platforms

jobdirect – Project management for campaigns, resource allocation and e-proof

jdvault – Cloud based digital asset management with seamless integration for marketing adaptation workflow

jdtraffic – Automated ad trafficking to ad servers, exchanges and DSPs

jdanalytics – Complete digital marketing performance analytics in real time through a single dashboard

There are of course, many technology solution providers offering similar applications, but customization is a ‘time-consuming’ factor in most cases. One of the biggest advantages of JDX Suite is 2adpro service that comes attached with it – an ideal combination of its proprietary technology and team of creative designers committed to deliver best-in-class creative support to Publishers and Brands worldwide. 2adpro support also helps to increase their creative capacity, reduce turnaround times, streamline the production process and ultimately be cost efficient.

The significance of JDX suite in the advertising world can be summed up in Kartic Srinivasan’s (Executive Vice President of 2adpro) words, “In the digital advertising ecosystem, campaign planning, ad creation, placements and performance management are becoming increasingly complex. The reason for the complexity is that each step needs to be a system driven process and there are multiple systems that each run in SILOs. This makes it very hard from a publisher’s perspective to efficiently drive digital revenues. It becomes more complex for the brands, as they have to work with multiple agencies.”

The modules of JDX suite can also be used as stand-alone applications as well making it more user-friendly and flexible for all users.

JDX suite application has garnered great feedback from world’s leading publishing houses and brands. For our client references and inquiries, contact us at solutions@2adpro.com