Surviving Ad blocking Software and the way forward!


Every now and then, this topic would trend in the world of advertising but the Publishers were rarely alarmed. There are many Ad blocking software, codes and apps in the market but none of them have given ad publishers sleepless night as much as Apple’s iOS latest offering.

Let’s look at some stats first. The use of ad-blocking software first started with desktops and laptops and now has moved towards mobile devices at a very alarming rate. Reports say that there are around 198 million active users worldwide that use ad blocking software and it is poised to increase exponentially!

Ad blocking has grown 41% globally in the past one year. In the US it grew by 48% to reach 45 million users in 12 months and in the UK it grew by 82% to reach 12 million users in the past one year.

The latest Apple iPhone and iPad users can now download apps that can block ads on web pages of their phone. No, we are not talking about annoying pop-ups.. they mean all the ads that the publishers have been serving up on their client’s sites. Yes, Apple is all for giving its users an ad-free faster load time experience. The rate of Ad blocking apps used on mobile was as low as 00.1% in the UK and everywhere else in the world except India and China. But Apple is poised to change that stats and quite dramatically!

Experts opine that most media companies became desperate and have thrown in more ads and data collectors at the users and the result was the search for an effective ad blocking code/app that Apple was happy to provide.

From a user’s perspective this is great news as they don’t have to set eyes upon another ad before moving to the content but for the publishers it is the beginning of the end, unless they find a way to circumvent it. While a few ad blocking softwares charge their publishers to unblock their ads but there is a catch – “Only ads that meet their criteria of faster loading time can be unblocked”.

Recently a Startup in New York started charging its publishers for skippable video ads, which is more lucrative for the publisher than a hundred banner ads.  While these companies are trying to make hay while the sun shines they are far from solving the problem for the publishers. If more companies start offering this service and push ads again, the users are going to be in the same situation that made them install the ad-blocking software in the first place. Only this time they might look for a software/app that does not bargain with the Publishers.

The way forward…

Most experts opine that the way forward in this situation would be to simplify things and to make ads that converse and engage the users instead of annoying them. Simple ads that do not crash one’s system are the need of the hour while creepy data based ads and those long drawn pre-rolls and those annoying pop-ups will have to go.

We at 2adpro endorse the fact that simple ads are the key that would revive the fortune of advertising industry. While one other school of thought is all for the standardization of ads we feel that the need of the hour is giving the user ‘zero annoying’ experience and a framework of principles to make ads that doesn’t infringe on load time.