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Digital Video | Its Consumption, Creation and Marketing

Have you watched online video today? If you said yes, you’re not alone.

Zenith reported that in 2018 consumers spent 67 minutes a day watching online video and that number is expected to increase to 84 minutes a day by 2020. In 2018, eMarketer estimated that 2.38 billion people globally would watch streaming or downloaded video content via any device. Video has become an integral part of our daily lives, it’s inescapable.

We as human beings have the desire to record moments and share with others, so they can see, hear and experience our reality in that moment. Video is a powerful medium and has been made readily accessible through mobile devices allowing us to easily create experiences, share with others and engage at the click of a button. read more

Digital Video Direct Marketing

While it goes without saying that the world’s most perfect fast food is a hamburger accompanied by the faithful French fry, it has also been proven that consumers are more likely to bite into a product that offers a personalized experience which can be consumed on the go. And therein lies the appeal of digital video.

This is the reason we are seeing a discernible shift in eyeballs moving away from conventional TV and spending more time on digital video. in fact Cisco forecasts indicate 82% of internet traffic will be video-based by 2021. read more

Why Publishers need to rethink Facebook as a channel.

Facebook has once again disrupted the news industry with its latest ‘friends and family algorithm update.’ The company is deprioritising news and pushing publisher content further down the newsfeed and returning to its original position as a ‘social’ network.

What does this mean for Publishers?

It’s not all doom and gloom. This just means publishers will have to reevaluate the ways in which they engage with audiences instead of having to rely on social platforms. The biggest lesson publishers can learn from being dumped by Facebook is not to build their business on someone else’s real estate.

Time to get out of the ‘filter bubble’ and ‘think outside the box’

For far too long, Facebook has been the ideal panacea providing media houses a distorted view of reality. Publishers thought they had audiences, when what they really had was traffic. Reach and clicks were the focal points of social media strategies. In reality, focus needed to shift from drive-by traffic to growing the total number of actual subscribers. read more

The state of conversion rates in the world of B2B lead generation

Taking e-commerce as an example, average website conversion rates globally from inbound strategies were at 2.86%, while paid marketing and social media were at 2.98% and 1.95% respectively in Q2 2018. In the US and the UK (the highest) conversion rates from inbound strategies were at 2.63% and 4.31% respectively. However, an ifbyphone marketing research survey infers that digital strategies (email, SEO, PPC, and display ads) stand at the top (57%, 55%, 39% and 25% of respondents respectively) of what marketers around the world prefer as channels to source high-value leads. read more

Is the Blockchain wedding with Ad Tech useful?


What IS this blockchain thingy?

In 2009, Satoshi Nakomoto, an unknown identity debated to be an individual or a group, invented cryptocurrency that popularly went by the name Bitcoin. Information exchange saw a new tech vehicle called blockchain along with the birth of Bitcoin. There has been a tremendous change in the way business transactions have happened since then, and there has been a growing need for advancement in the digitization of such transactions, including blockchain. But, is blockchain really an advancement? read more

Sales is great. Chasing paper, not so.

Publishers are beginning to rethink their sales structures and processes to reduce costs while continuing to maintain high service levels with customers.


It’s a well known fact that a huge chunk of a newspaper sales reps’ time is spent on administrative responsibilities totally unrelated to his or her core skill set. Valuable ‘selling time’ wasted on things like following up on post-sale enquiries, keeping in touch with customers on the status of their orders, getting material status updates or even liaising with internal departments and couriers. All very, very unnecessary. read more

You ain’t had it this rich before

A recent study by Microsoft concluded that human attention has markedly decreased over the last 15 years and that it is shorter than that of Goldfish! We live in a highly distracted world with the ability to access information all the time, and that makes it difficult for advertisers to capture user attention and drive a message. Cutting through clutter to capture and hold user attention need not be challenging if the right tactics are employed. As opposed to standard display advertising, providing rich experiences to users irrespective of the device can potentially increase brand awareness, recall and traffic. read more

2adpro’s HTML solution post “Swiffy” tool’s sunset

In mid-2015, Google decided that, due to security concerns, it would stop supporting Flash ads on its Chrome browser in favor of HTML5 ads. Other browser developers quickly followed Google’s lead and are eliminating the use of Flash, the most common platform used to build banner advertising. To ease the transition, Google introduced a simple-to-use conversion tool called “Swiffy”, which converted Flash SWF files to HTML5 files, thereby meeting the required standards and specifications.

Other tools like Google Web Designer (GWD) were also available to build HTML ads, however, GWD has drawbacks that prevent it from being a full-fledged replacement for Flash. It does not support complex animations and it supports only Google fonts as opposed to the font sets used by most 2adpro customers. Earlier this year Adobe released Animate CC, the much-awaited alternative to Flash. Animate delivers HTML output and has complex animation capabilities built-in. read more

Catching more eyes with New Interactive Rich Media Ad Solutions

Advertising is all about impact. The more the impact, the more the click through rate, re-call value and brand awareness. To that end, interactive rich media ads have a definite edge over normal banner and text ads. Rich Media Advertising brings a powerful medium to life and presents a wide canvas of creativity with impactful messages and great interactive experience to the audience.

Text ads and traditional banners ads have been around for a very long time. The purpose of these ads is to make the user click on the ad but unless the text is clever and the image enticing the Click Through Rates (CTR) will be low and they are suffering a painful death as the users are going out of their way to avoid clicking on them. read more

Happy World Graphics Day


World Graphics Day is observed on April 27, 2016. The day was established by the International Council of Graphic Design Associations, which was founded on April 27, 1963. World Graphics Day – also called World Graphic Design Day – is a chance to recognize communication design and its role in the world.

Graphic design is a creative process, one most often involving a client and a designer, and traditionally completed in conjunction with producers of form. Graphic design is undertaken to convey a specific message to a targeted audience, usually from the client, known as the ‘brief’. The term “graphic design” can also refer to a number of artistic and professional disciplines that focus on visual communication and presentation. read more

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