Catching more eyes with New Interactive Rich Media Ad Solutions

Advertising is all about impact. The more the impact, the more the click through rate, re-call value and brand awareness. To that end, interactive rich media ads have a definite edge over normal banner and text ads. Rich Media Advertising brings a powerful medium to life and presents a wide canvas of creativity with impactful messages and great interactive experience to the audience.

Text ads and traditional banners ads have been around for a very long time. The purpose of these ads is to make the user click on the ad but unless the text is clever and the image enticing the Click Through Rates (CTR) will be low and they are suffering a painful death as the users are going out of their way to avoid clicking on them.

On the other hand, there are many advantages that a Rich Media Ad brings to its clients. Rich Media ads are vibrant in their appeal and it engages with the audience in a way that traditional banner ads never could. There are innovative ad formats that do not intrude with the users behavior and seamlessly fits into the content of the page. It is easy to track and measure the subtle browsing behaviour of users for Rich Media ads. For instance, in a rich media ad, reports of how many people viewed the embedded video and the percentage of video that was viewed can be tracked effectively.

Rich Media ads are dynamic and flexible in nature and studies reveal that users are four times more likely to click and visit the advertiser’s site as against traditional banner ads. The dynamic nature of Rich Media Ads allows it to deliver more nuanced messages to the audience and increased brand awareness is one of the biggest takeaways for the clients.

2adpro Rich Media Solution

At 2adpro, we constantly innovate and experiment with designs and ad formats that work wonders for our client’s campaigns. To that end we have come up with many innovative rich media solutions that would magnify user engagement and interaction to significantly higher levels.

Video Wall

Part of the interesting line up of products that is being launched exclusively by 2adpro, this one stands tall, thanks to it’s size, interactivity and placement position. The Video wall brings manifold advantages to the table and is undoubtedly set to become an advertiser’s most sought after format.

video-wallNon-intrusive:  The key highlight of this format is it is non-intrusive and can seamlessly fit into the content of the targeted page.

Bigger Canvas: Bigger size means more space to include appealing visuals, engaging content and interactive features.

Multiple components: The visual area is smartly split into multiple components to incorporate multiple content sections.

There is a large area at the top dedicated for the video as the ad loads and there are tabs below to navigate to different content sections, which could potentially be product info, Image gallery, Special offers etc.


Today the buzz in the market is that the ‘Static is Dead’. With the advent of Programmatic Advertising, the users get to see ads for those products that they were planning to buy. To them the Internet has gone completely Voodoo and has started reading their minds, learning their interests and offering them a window full of stuff that they wish to buy. With such powerful targeting in place, it is imperative that we offer effective ads that would engage the user constantly and the highly interactive rich media ads are the only way forward.

Sathish Bhaskaran, the Digital Design Director of 2adpro said, “We understand that digital advertising is evolving every day and the game plan needs to change on-the-fly to ensure maximum ROI to the advertiser. Our rich media solutions are tailor made to ensure maximum engagement with the audience and get them closer to the product. There is an interesting line up of rich media solutions for desktop and mobile to pick from, and it only keeps growing.”