Advantages of a Digital Asset Management System


Marketers (Brands) have been using Digital Asset Management system for many decades now. A repository to keep digital assets, DAM has long served as a mere vault to store advertising campaigns.

Today however, the multiplicity of activities that are currently involved in campaign management requires a robust system that would facilitate a smooth workflow for advertising campaigns and also help Marketers (Brands) make intelligent business decisions.

Here are five different ways a Digital Asset Management system can work as a powerful and critical marketing tool

Easy Searching: One of the main reasons why a marketer opts for a DAM is to reuse an asset that had earlier performed well. Without the aid of a robust DAM it would very difficult to search for this asset and leverage its advantage again. Searching for an asset stored within the DAM gives the team a critical advantage in terms of quick turnaround time to roll out time-bound campaign. For these marketers a powerful DAM with a user-friendly search engine would add a great edge as it would churn out the results from among thousands of assets stored in the vault, within seconds.

If the DAM is not robust in its approach, it would be a challenge to search for old assets and unearth marketing reports about their performance. Without a clear workflow and history of asset usage, work becomes cumbersome, tedious and would result in creating new artwork, instead of leveraging the ROI of the old ones.

Ad Serving and Hosting Functionalities: Today many Cloud-based DAMs like jdvault (2adpro’s Digital Asset Management system) have options to incorporate servers and hosting functionalities that transforms it into a powerful marketing tool for Marketers (Brands). These intuitive options, serve to make the workflow efficient and systematic while eliminating the need to provide updated assets.

Increase Efficiencies: DAM centralises all the marketing materials, content, brand assets and guidelines in one single place allowing the marketing team to search, select and share. This largely aids in dissipating errors and inconsistency in communication and helps the team to use up-to-date images and logos in all their projects. What also aids in revenue growth of the brand is reusing of the images to leverage their ROI.

Though most DAMs in the market today store the ad campaign files but they fail to show the asset’s history – past performance, analytics and when it was last used and where. Without this Intel, the Marketer is in the blind and might even be using an ad that didn’t perform well in the past.

However an advanced DAM systems that gives the Marketers the analytics of each asset stored within its vault helps them to leverage on the ROI and to avoid duplication of marketing artwork thus saving them huge dollops of time and money.

Cost efficient: Reusing an old asset with minimal changes has many advantages as it reduces the cycle of briefings, approvals and workflow considerably. Through efficient creation, storage and distribution of artwork, the marketer can reduce the time substantially and go live faster than anticipated. Brands and Advertisers that want to leverage on the social media micro-moments by quickly launching a campaign, the DAM becomes an invaluable asset.

Protects Brand Reputation: An effective DAM aids in brand control and restricts the access of the team, preventing the risk of leaking information. In a cloud-based DAM, the biggest advantage is data security for the agency as it curtails the misuse of the asset.

Kartic Srinivasan, the Executive Vice President of 2adpro said, “The future is to have your asset management system to not only considerably improve speed to market but also provide insight for quick retargeting and dynamic creative optimization.”

One of the few DAMs in the market that incorporates all the five critical advantages of a robust asset manager is jdvault, an independent cloud-based DAM module of 2adpro’s flagship platform JDX.

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