2adpro’s HTML solution post “Swiffy” tool’s sunset

In mid-2015, Google decided that, due to security concerns, it would stop supporting Flash ads on its Chrome browser in favor of HTML5 ads. Other browser developers quickly followed Google’s lead and are eliminating the use of Flash, the most common platform used to build banner advertising. To ease the transition, Google introduced a simple-to-use conversion tool called “Swiffy”, which converted Flash SWF files to HTML5 files, thereby meeting the required standards and specifications.

Other tools like Google Web Designer (GWD) were also available to build HTML ads, however, GWD has drawbacks that prevent it from being a full-fledged replacement for Flash. It does not support complex animations and it supports only Google fonts as opposed to the font sets used by most 2adpro customers. Earlier this year Adobe released Animate CC, the much-awaited alternative to Flash. Animate delivers HTML output and has complex animation capabilities built-in.


Making the situation even more urgent, earlier this month, Google announced that it will no longer support conversion of Flash to HTML through “Swiffy” by the end of June, 2016. Given this fast changing environment, and the intense interest and concern about this issue amongst our customers, 2adpro has evaluated the options available and our solutions are summarized in this white paper.

2HTML from Animate CC (This is our recommended option)

Ads are built on Animate and output file delivered as HTML package (HTML file, images and JS).
Option 1 – Animate Output
Output returned as HTML zip compressed folder (HTML, JS file and assets) if
1. Client’s ad serving platform (like DFP) supports HTML zip package or
2. Client has the option to host assets (JS and images) on their server and traffic HTML file alone
Option 2 – Animate Output
Output returned as a single HTML. Assets (JS and images) are hosted by 2adpro (Hosting cost will apply)

1HTML from Google Web Designer (GWD)

Ads are built on GWD and output file delivered as standard HTML package (HTML and assets).
GWD Output – Output is returned as HTML zip compressed folder (HTML and assets)



Google’s DFP (Double Click for Publishers) has released a beta version of a feature that enables upload of HTML zipped folder directly to DFP for standard ads. 2adpro has successfully tested this feature on DFP. If you wish to know more on this or need this activated for your DFP account, please reach out to your respective Account Manager at 2adpro or email:support@2adpro.com