September 2015 - 2adpro

Will JDX suite revolutionize the Digital Ad Campaign Management Scenario?


Simple solutions for complex problems are the stuff that revolutionizes business, making it more cost-effective while reducing the turnaround time. Optimization and customization are two factors that weigh heavily while choosing a reliable platform with the capability to deliver end-to-end campaigns and data analytics for print and digital media.

That’s why 2adpro came up with the revolutionary suite of applications called JDX that has been designed to manage the ad campaign workflow efficiently in a systematic glitch-free manner. read more

Will the rise of HTML5 usher in an era of challenge?

With Flash ads in trouble, what’s the way forward for Publishers and Advertisers?


On September 1st 2015, Google Chrome started blocking rich media flash ads from playing automatically. With result, the ad will play only if the user clicks on it! Firefox too has blocked Flash ads citing security reasons and vulnerability to hacking! Safari’s next version will allow the user to download an extension that would block ads on most news sites!

With the majority of sites gearing up to bury Flash ads, advertisers who primarily work with rich media ads are on a crossroad! read more

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